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FE Specialties 67 Mustang
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After building and racing FE and Fords for over 29 years, I really enjoy Ford motors and engineering.

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About FE Specialties

...after building and racing FE and Fords for over 29 years, I really enjoy and know Ford motors and engineering. FEs are definitely 'a different animal'. You need a builder who has a complete knowledge of them. We have this knowledge. Please give us a call. Let us provide you with what you and your engine need to get built right...the first time.

The owner, Tom Lucas –
Tom Lucas in his shop located in Sacramento, CAAs a 16 year old boy looking for his first car, I was really fortunate and found a 1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback 4 speed car. I really didn’t realize what I had at that time. In the 70's, all of the muscle cars were just 8 to 10 year old used cars. I picked up my fastback for $1000.00. It was in almost perfect shape except for worn out tires and a small tear in the driver's seat. Of course, it came with a FE. I fell in love with this motor package especially when I started to make changes. The changes made such dramatic differences. I ended up with a set of 427 low-riser heads, a police interceptor intake, a Holley 725 cfm carb, Hooker super competition headers, and an Accel racing dual point. The headers were actually branded Caslers, but Hooker made them. I was running a Crower solid cam with .533 lift, and 310 degrees duration. The cam really sounded awesome. With this configuration, I ran a best of 12.89 @ 109 mph. As you can tell by the mph, we had no traction just running on street tires. I always ran out of money right when it was time to buy some good tires for the car. It was very frustrating to say the least.

This is what started my love affair with the FE engine series. I started visiting with Wayne Torkelson. Wayne, back then, was running a '57 T-Bird with a 427 SOHC motor on injection. He ran Pro Gas, 9.50 index. He was running 9.05s at 146 mph back in 1976. I would spend countless hours just watching what Wayne was doing and asking the occasional question when I thought it was appropriate. Wayne really helped me avoid a lot of the pit falls that most kids fall into during their learning process. I got a lot of great info on FEs that I never would have got on my own and it sped up my learning curve tremendously.