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FE Specialties builds custom engines not only for the car but for the driver
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Engine Design

Engine Design incorporates many parameters.

bullet itemDesired horsepower
bullet itemVehicle weight
bullet itemType of driving
bullet itemType of fuel used
bullet itemTransmission
bullet itemRear end gear ratio
bullet itemFuel mileage required
bullet itemType of exhaust
bullet itemBudget of customer
bullet itemLongevity desired

Custom built not only for the car but also for the driver.

Engine design is a crucial ingredient to any performance engine. This is the foundation that sets apart an average motor to a motor that performs at its peak. This important step in the engine building process is often overlooked. Any engine has to be designed to the application that it's intended for. Your generic so called crate motors can only get close in some instances to what the driver, (customer) and the vehicle require.

428 Engine & '69 Ford TruckWe design engines specifically to both the parameters of the vehicle and to the driver so that the end product is exactly what is needed to bring about the desired performance. Camshaft and cylinder head selection are critical elements in designing a great motor. We use the latest computer technology to insure we get the right cam profile the first time, not the third time.

A typical "crate motor" can get maybe 5 or 6 of these parameters correct, but never all of them. That's why we build engineered specific engines. Why build a motor that's only close when you can get one exact! You would not buy a set of wheels that were close to the look you wanted, why put a motor in your car that's 'only close' to what you want and need

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