FE Specialties high performance 427/511ci BEAST MOTOR
FE Specialties high performance 427/511ci BEAST MOTOR
FE Specialties high performance 427/511ci BEAST MOTOR

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Featured Video :F.E.S. 511ci FE BBM 427 SIDE OILER “BEAST” MOTOR

Test Stand Run-in video

So here is the test stand video of our, in process, very serious, BEAST FE build. Getting very close to Dyno time. I am very, very pleased so far with this build.

All of the components such as the crank clearances, Windage clearances, gear drive set up, lifter and rocker arm offsets, valve spring consistency, installed height consistency, pushrod clearance, distributor fit and alignment, adapter to head alignment and fit, intake to adapter fit and alignment, carb placement over the plenum, etc.! All of these aspects of blueprinting came out beautifully. Motor fired instantly with no fuss.

Also want to give Kudos to the following vendors who really provided excellent products and services:

  • Winberg Crankshafts
  • Crower Rods & Company
  • Diamond Pistons
  • Total Seal Rings
  • Jay Brown with FE Power
  • T&D Machine-Rocker Arms
  • Manley Performance
  • Bob Oliver at Competition Carburetion
  • And Paul Swartz for the Awesome fabricated Intake

All of these guys help bring together an excellent motor build!

FE Specialties


Video Test Stand Update
So to answer the question we posed about what application the previous pics pointed towards, the answer is in the title: A track Cobra Motor application!
The Aviaid 9 at Competition Oil Pan and the Sidewinder Intake are hints to what this motor was destined for.
Motor has a stock stroke LeMans crank along with the cast iron C4 heads which the rules dictated for this build.
It’s a specific specification class type of competition!
FE Specialties


Here is a motor than has a nice twist to it!
Factory iron CJ heads and intake treated to our Stage 3 port work! Flow 300/225 @ .640 lift. So, it’s a bit of a stealth motor build.
This, along with a fairly aggressive Hyd Roller Cam and a 4.25 stroke Scat kit, should make this Mustang HAUL ASS! 4 speed car.
FE Specialties


This motor was built mainly for torque. It’s a 390, .030 over bore with D2 heads that have 2.09/1.66 valves with a 4 angle seat cut and blend. No other porting. Heads flow 242 cfm at .500 lift. The intake is a Performer 390 small runner version that has been somewhat port matched but not to the gasket size. Just basically straightening out and turning the runner to the inside radius of the heads. It has a Melling MTF4 torque cam: 204/214 installed at 107.5 ICL. A QuickFuel 600cfm carb with enrichened idle circuitry. Very smooth idle and great throttle response. 
This will be installed in a F-250 4×4 and will make for a great enjoyable driver!
FE Specialties

FES 390/445ci Stroker Motor Video Update

Our latest creation for a ‘64 Galaxie.
  • Fully Ported C4 iron FE Heads 285/215 cfm
  • Scat 4.25 Stroker Assembly with Mahle Pistons
  • Fully port matched C2 Ford 3×2 Intake
  • Custom Hyd Roller Camshaft
  • More – Hyd Roller Lifters
  • T&D Rocker Assemblies
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.
This shows how a motor responds to a good set of ported iron C4 heads and port matched intake. Great motivation for a Big 64 Gal!
FE Specialties

3×2 390/445ci motor

Here is an interesting combination build–  Customer bought this motor from a source and sent it to us for inspection and build. FE 427 Medium Riser with Iron Medium Riser heads and a C7ZX 2×4 intake. Motor had good parts but was relatively in poor condition. Piston to bore clearance was .014-.016!! Way too big. Camshaft missing lifters and worn. Rocker assemblies with worn out adjusters and terribly bent shafts.  Heads are stock except preciously someone installed 1.81 exhaust valves which were actually hitting the side of the cylinder bores up top! So we soniced, magged and pressure tested the block and heads, and then ordered some Diamond .030 over pistons and Crower Solid Flat Tappet camshaft close to the original Ford Grind but on a tighter lobe center. Crower deep seat lifters. Also: Harland Sharp rocker arms and shafts, and POP’s stands and spacers. Sent out the Holley 2×4 carbs to Bob Oliver at Competition Carburetion to restore the Holley 600’s. Even one of the carbs was a different size, so we acquired a matching carb. No porting on the heads., just bigger exhaust valves from previous build. About 10.6 to one compression, so this motor is fairly close to an original Medium Riser Motor. LeMans crank and rods so we upped the oil pressure for the cross-drilled crank. Enjoy a stock Medium Riser. Well, close to stock!
FE Specialties


Here is a video on the before and after difference on a port matched RPM FE Intake. As I mentioned in the video, we shape the turn on the short side of the intake manifold to start the turn that is the long side of the intake port, that is inherent in all FE cylinder heads except of course of the Tunnelport heads. This aids in creating a quote, “ Longer turn radius” which always is beneficial. The longer and more gradual the radius, the better it flows!
Hope you enjoy seeing the before and after of a port matched intake.
These are the details that make motors happy!
FE Specialties

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